One Time Access Client (Windows only) Find Remote Session (Win / Mac) Resident Client
< Download ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.exe for Windows
 < Download ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.msi for Windows
 < Download ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.pkg for Mac

Step 1.

After click may show the following screen, please click "Save", "Keep" or "Run"




Step 2

Double click the "Elsinore.ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.exe" to start the Desktop Client", if pop-up the following screen, please click "Run anyway", "Allow", "Accept"




Step 3

waiting the installation, it may pop-up to require grant permission, please click "Run anyway", "Run", "Allow" or "Accept"




Step 4

After install right-down coner will show the "ScreenConnect" icon




Step 5

You can double click the icon you message Support Engineer and check the connection status.




Remark :

We disabled "Exit" function for resident install, if you want screenconnect please uninstall on Control Panel or sent message to support.