Support : iPhone configure ABC E-Mail

How to setup ABC Hosting E-Mail account on your iPhone's


1. Click "Setting" on your iPhone's


2. Click "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"


3. Click "Add Account" and click "Other"




4. Click "Add Mail Account"



5. Enter the following information :

Name :   << This is sender name >>

E-Mail :   << Enter your e-mail address >>

Password :   << Enter your password >>

Description :    << This is name for display your mail account >>, check the right side picture!



6. You need to choice which mode do you want to connect with e-mail account


Please enquire your administrator which mode is better for you, but I will suggest using POP.


The following screen you only need to care the Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server : 


Incoming Mail Server Host Name is :  or

Outgoing Mail Server Host Name is :  or



P.S. Some time when you click "SAVE" it will wait a long time to validation of your account setting, just wait it.


7. After add the account, you should click to the mail account for checking SMTP setting.



8. Click "SMTP"




9. Click the Primary Server ""


10. Make sure your outgoing mail server setting have username and password, and server port must using 465, if server port is 25 you still can sent out e-mail, but you will always got problem to sent out mail.